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The COSESO approach is characterized by close collaboration with our clients, a deep understanding of their needs, and cutting-edge technological expertise to deliver high-performing web solutions.


COSESO’s philosophy is to put the client at the heart of each project, offering personalized, sustainable, and scalable solutions that contribute to the success and growth of your business and/or your project!


The Web3 Launch solution is intended for clients wishing to launch their Web3 project with a strong online presence. It includes a captivating landing page, payment setup, social network integration, SEO optimization, and technical support to ensure a successful launch.

  • Advice and support for the conceptualization and planning of your Web3 project
  • Creation of a professional and responsive landing page to present your token, NFT or ICO
  • Custom design adapted to your company’s graphic charter and/or the project theme
  • Integration of a registration form for interested users (whitelist)
  • Implementation of a presale system for your token, NFT or ICO
  • Installation and configuration of security and performance plugins
  • Implementation of a launch calendar with or without a countdown
  • Integration of social networks and communication platforms (online chat, contact form, etc.)
  • Hosting, technical support, and site maintenance included for one year
  • On Quotation: Development of a prototype or a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to validate your concept and attract investors

The Web3 Startup solution offers comprehensive support to launch and develop your Web3 project, including the elements of the Web3 Launch solution and additional services such as project structuring, marketing strategy development, funding research, and optionally, on quotation, the development of a prototype or MVP. This solution aims to support your business growth by providing advice, training, and extended technical follow-up.

  • Strategic advice and support for the conceptualization, planning, and development of your Web3 project
  • All elements of the Web3 Launch pack, including the creation of the landing page, payment system configuration, social network integration, etc.
  • Support in creating and structuring your token, NFT or ICO
  • Assistance in fundraising, including the preparation of investor documents (whitepaper, pitch deck, business plan, etc.)
  • Assistance in creating and managing an engaged community around your project (social networks, forums, discussion groups, etc.)
  • Training and support for the use of Web3 tools and technologies (blockchain, smart contracts, etc.)
  • Development and implementation of a marketing strategy to promote the project
  • On Quotation: Development of a prototype or a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to validate your concept and attract investors

The Web3 Pro solution aims to optimize the launch of your Web3 project with a solid online presence and additional tools. This solution includes a professional landing page, social network integration, SEO optimization services, a private area for investors, legal compliance advice, a launch calendar, and a registration form to maximize community engagement and campaign success.

  • Creation of a professional and responsive landing page, adapted to the graphic charter of your project, with sections to present your concept, objectives, team, partners, and benefits for investors
  • Implementation of a registration form to collect the email addresses of interested visitors and send them regular updates on the project
  • Establishment of a private space for investors, with exclusive information on the project, regular updates, and direct access to the team
  • Advice on legal and regulatory compliance for ICOs, tokens, and NFTs (in collaboration with specialized partners)
  • SEO optimization to improve your site’s visibility in search engines
  • Configuration of payment systems to accept investments in cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies
  • Creation of a detailed launch calendar, including the project’s key steps, milestones, and objectives to be achieved
  • Training and support for the use of Web3 tools and technologies (blockchain, smart contracts, etc.)
  • On Quotation: Development of a prototype or a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to validate your concept and attract investors

The “Web3 Marketplace” solution provides personalized support to create, develop, and launch a decentralized marketplace based on Web3 technology, integrating blockchain, smart contracts, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies. This pack also includes follow-up and maintenance to ensure the sustainability and evolution of your platform.

  • Analysis of your project and definition of specific needs for the creation of your Web3 marketplace, taking into account your business model, target, and industry
  • Creation and integration of an NFT management system, allowing the issuance, exchange, sale, and purchase of non-fungible tokens on your marketplace, as well as the management of royalties and fees for creators and rights holders
  • Configuration and integration of cryptocurrency payment options (Ethereum, Bitcoin, stablecoins, etc.) and payment gateways for fiat transactions (euros, dollars, etc.), to facilitate exchanges between your marketplace users
  • Development and integration of a user account management system, including authentication, profile creation, wallet and private key management, as well as protection of personal data and funds
  • Design and implementation of a user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) adapted to your target and your industry, taking into account the specificities and constraints related to the use of Web3 technology
  • Implementation of a moderation system and dispute management between the users of your marketplace, including the creation of specific rules for conflict resolution and buyer/seller protection
  • Support for the launch and promotion of your Web3 marketplace, including the creation of a communication, marketing and PR strategy, as well as the organization of events and partnerships specific to your industry
  • Maintenance, updating, and evolution of your Web3 marketplace, taking into account user feedback, technological developments, and market trends

This enhanced NFT solution offers comprehensive support to create a unique NFT collection, including a personalized artistic concept, NFT development, metadata integration, blockchain selection, and smart contract creation. We also set up a dedicated online store, integration with major NFT platforms, and a marketing strategy to attract buyers and generate sales.

  • Initial consultation to understand your goals, your artistic vision, and the unique features of your NFT collection
  • Creation of a unique and personalized artistic concept for your collection, with preliminary sketches for validation
  • Development of X unique NFTs, using illustration techniques, graphic design, animation or 3D modeling as needed
  • Advice and assistance in selecting the most suitable blockchain for your collection (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, etc.)
  • File optimization for maximum compatibility with different NFT platforms and file size
  • Creation and configuration of a smart contract to manage the collection, sales, royalties, and ownership of NFTs
  • Integration of custom metadata for each NFT, including attributes such as rarity, provenance, descriptions, and tags
  • Monitoring of sales, auctions, and exchanges of your NFTs, with regular reports to keep you informed about the performance of your collection
  • Marketing and promotion strategy for your NFT collection, including the creation of eye-catching visuals, writing engaging content, and setting up targeted advertising campaigns